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unbudgeted spending

January 27th, 2007 at 07:07 pm

doing well this month with spending.

We've only had 6 no spend days, but this is because we need to gas up our cars approximately every 5 days (long commutes to work - in opposite directions) and I tend to pay bills when we get them rather than sitting down once a week to do this.
Unplanned spending this week was limited to $5.50 at the library book sale.
Overall unplanned this month was $51.90 (and $25.00 of that was to bring dinner to a coworker and her family while she is out on medical leave.

We basically try to budget, but then end up spending the extra in a category on the unplanned spending. This month I'm starting to put the extra from each category into the savings account for when we run over in the future (example: lower electricity bills in the winter than summer)

looks like this may work.

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