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March 6th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

another unexpected spend day.
I've noticed water in the basement for the past week. It's always been around the furnace (baseboard hot water heat). Just a small puddle, but it's there every day. It always happens early morning/ late night. There is never any water there during the day. I finally figured it's related to the boiler. There is some sort of drain spout at the back of the boiler. When we use hot water (like for a shower) it ranges from a drip to a small pour out of this spout. Called the oil company. They'll be out today - hopefully this morning and I'll make it in to work (better late than never). Luckily we have the maintainence insurance (We got the insurance as that covers routine cleaning - so it really doesn't cost much extra) and I guess this is what the flex time off is for (though I'd rather use it in the summer for a pool day).

hopefully it isn't a budget breaker.

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